Frequently Asked Questions: 
I am a Telenor customer using Telenor Prepaid Plan. Can I convert my number to Telenor Postpaid Plan?

Yes, your Telenor Prepaid number can be converted to one of the Telenor Postpaid plans as long as your number is active.

How long does it take to activate my Postpaid SIM?

Your SIM will be activated once you have filled in a form, paid the deposit and shown proof of ID. When you insert the SIM into your mobile, it will work straight away.

Do customer has to pay SIM Fees 1500 MMK when they subscribed Postpaid?

No. SIM Fees 1500 MMK is FREE for postpaid.

How can I check Sky Plan’s Extra Credit, Monthly Bonus and remaining Voice & Data Package balance?
  • My Telenor App
  • *124# Extra Credit
  • *124*1# Monthly Bonus and Package balance
What if I buy Sky Plans after Day 1 of the month, do I have to pay full monthly fees on my bill?

Your Sky Plan Bonus will be given as per monthly proration and will be charged accordingly on your bill as well. For more details, please check with our sales agents.

How can I use and pay Monthly Extra Credit?

You can use your extra credit on buying Packages & Pay Go usages. And those charges will be added on your monthly fees on your bill.

How can I check and get my bill? – You can start get your bill between Day 3 & Day 5 of every month.

You can download Detailed Usage Bill in My Telenor App You will receive SMS

How can I check my current month’s bill?

You can send “Bill” to 124 to know your current month’s bill. (Note: 5% commercial tax will be added on that amount on month end.)

When can I get my Deposit payment back?

Upon completion of minimum usage period of Postpaid Service Agreement, you can convert to Prepaid and will get your Deposit as Prepaid Balance. (Note: Deposit Amount will also be offset against your last Outstanding Amount upon conversion to Prepaid.)

How can I pay 5% commercial tax in Postpaid?

5% commercial tax will be added on total usage of the month and will have to pay as Outstanding Amount at end of the month.

How can I pay my Postpaid Bill?

Telenor Recharge Cards MPU Card thru My Telenor App Telenor Show Rooms

What if I made top up before settling my Outstanding Amount?

Your topped up amount will go and offset against your outstanding amount.

Can I roll over my Monthly Sky Plan Bonus to next months?

No, you cannot.

When is the due date for Bill Payment?

Due Date for bill payment is every Day 15 of the month.

What if I won’t pay before due date – Day 15?

Start from Day 16, Late Fees 2500 Kyats will be added on your next month bill.

What if I won’t pay my bill on time and can I continue to use my services?

No. Your line will be temporary barred from Day 21 until you made the payment on your outstanding amount.

How long it will take to use my service again after cleared my outstanding amount on barred number?

It will take maximum 3 hours from the time of payment on your outstanding amount to use the services again.

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