Get free music anywhere, anytime, with JOOX

JOOX is a free music streaming application for your smartphone for music lovers. There are millions of tracks to listen to and also you can download the latest songs for offline play.

Discover great new music with special playlist from our editors that fit your taste and mood, anytime anywhere. Enjoy VIP content for 30 days free, after which you can pay a small fee to continue to enjoy.

JOOX is here, it’s the FREE music streaming application for you music lovers. Millions of tracks to listen and also you can DOWNLOAD the latest songs for offline play.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 
How can you get JOOX on your smartphone?

Install JOOX from either Google Play Store (Android), by clicking here or App Store (iOS) by clicking here.

How much does it cost to use JOOX?

JOOX is free to use, and every new user gets a 30 day free trial of the VIP content. After 30 days a small fee applies:

  • Daily – 120Ks
  • Weekly - 600Ks
  • Monthly – 2,450Ks

Installing JOOX on your smartphone will use some mega bites. For all streaming services standard data charges apply, so we recommend buying either our Entertainment Pack , or a Data Suboo in order to have the lowest possible cost for using the internet.

How can I unsubscribe from JOOX?

Go to your account management page inside the application, and select unsubscribe.

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