Telenor’s newest and most affordable plan, “Thar Thar Yar Yar”, will only cost you 10Kyats per minute to call Telenor to Telenor. Stay connected with your Family and Loved Ones!



Voice On-Net (per Min) 10 Kyats
Voice Off-Net (per Min) 25 Kyats
Any-Net SMS 15 Kyats
Data (per MB) 8 Kyats

Any Telenor’s prepaid customers can subscribe to “Thar Thar Yar Yar” plan with no subscription fees.

“Thar Thar Yar Yar” plan is very simple and affordable plan with no extra conditions for our users.

How To Subscribe

  •  Dial *979*3*4* or *365*4#
  •  Send “TEN ON” to 365
  •  MyTelenor App

Terms and Conditions

“Thar Thar Yar Yar” plan is only available for Telenor Prepaid Customers.

Customers can subscribe easily as below:

  • Via USSD -> Dial *979*10# or *365*4#
  • via SMS -> Send “TEN ON” to 365
  • No subscription fees at all.
  • Customers can change back to either Base Plan or Super Pwar Plan any time.
  • Please note that plan can be changed only one time per one calendar day.
Frequently Asked Questions: 
What is the offer?

Telenor’s new plan “Thar Thar Yar Yar” allows Telenor users to make onnet (Telenor to Telenor) calls at lowest rate of 10Kyats per minute, 25Kyats per minute for offnect (Telenor to other operators) calls 15 Kyats per SMS for any local SMS and 8 Kyats per MB for any data usage.
* All PAYG tariff rates are "Tax Exclusive".

Who can get this Plan?

Any  Telenor Prepaid customers can change to this Plan.

How can I change to this plan?

You can easily change to this plan by dialling *979*10# or *365*4#  OR send  SMS “TEN ON” to 365 with no additional subscription fees at all.

What is the promotion period of this Plan?

This is a permanent tariff plan. Telenor will inform in advance if anything changes.

How can I unsubscribe/move out of this Plan?

You can subscribe through USSD.
To change to Super Pwar:
By sending the keyword SUP ON to 365 or by dialing *365*1# or by dialing 979.
To change to Basic Plan:
By sending the keyword BASE ON to 365 or by dialing *365*2# or by dialing 979

* Note: You can change plan only one time per calendar day.

Previously I am a Site Kyite customer. How can I change back to Sate Kyite Plan.

Sate Kyite Plan is no longer available to subscribe. Instead of Sate Kyite plan, you can still change to other better plan such as Super Pwar Plan or Base Plan.

What about the charges for other services?

All other charges (such as SMS, IDD, Roaming etc) and services (Balance transfer, Kyo Thone, MY Tune etc) remain unchanged.

How will customer get charged for the PayGo Voice usage?

Customer will be get charged for every 15 sec of his usage as below:

  • 0 – 15 Sec               : 2.50 Kyats (excluding tax)
  • 16 – 30 Sec             : 5.00 Kyats (excluding tax)
  • 31 – 45 Sec             : 7.50 Kyats (excluding tax)
  • 46 – 60 Sec             : 10.00 Kyats (excluding tax)
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